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Here’s What Can Happen if You Walk 30 Minutes Daily

fitnesshealth benefitsstresswalkingNewsletterHealth & Wellness • 1 min read • Sep 15, 2017 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Kat Smith

Many of us convince ourselves that we’re too busy to work out, and it’s an easy argument to make. Not only do you have to take into account the time you’re exercising, but you have to get to the gym or a nearby hiking trail, gear up, and then get back home or to the office before continuing your day. Yet, there is a way to exercise that requires little to no special gear and can pretty much be done anywhere. Walking is one of the most versatile, accessible ways to exercise, and it doesn’t take much to pay off with some surprising benefits. Aside from helping you slim down and tone up your lower body, walking can allow you to:

Calm Down

Stress is a problem for many American adults, and it can quickly wear on your health if it goes unchecked. Fortunately, walking is an easy way to combat stress, because it can have an immediately calming effect, even if you are walking along busy streets or trails. Walking can be meditative, as it’s a good time to let your mind wander as your circulation picks up and you breathe in plenty of fresh air.

Erase Varicose Veins

If you have a job where you sit down for most of the day, you might be at much higher risk for circulatory issues in the legs—particularly varicose veins. Walking promotes better circulation in the legs (just be sure to choose the right shoes), so it might help you prevent or erase varicose and spider veins while preventing more serious circulatory problems.

Digest Better

Walking is one of the few types of exercise that may be appealing after a large meal. With a post-dinner walk, you can promote better digestion and avoid a big spike in blood sugar that will cause you to crash later.

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