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The Pulse of Telehealth

Telehealthtechnologye-healthcareHIPAA • 3 min read • Oct 16, 2013 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Brad Ranks

The Pulse of Telehealth - Weekly posts discussing the benefits of telehealth for medical providers.
As new advances in technology seem to emerge hourly, it becomes increasingly difficult to discern which new “gadgets” are innovative, and which have become passé. Thankfully, telemedicine is one aspect of technology that has stuck around to mature for quite a while- longer than you might think! Physicians in 1876 were probably just as excited about the invention of the telephone as Alexander Graham Bell himself. With this ground-breaking device, medical experts began experimenting with telecommunication technology to accept appointments, provide preliminary diagnoses, and prevent unnecessary travel. Since then, telecommunication soared to new heights. The medical community branched out with telemedicine: an efficient, cost-effective way of treating patients remotely. As Dr. Ray Dorsey, a neurologist at Johns Hopkins University, aptly stated: “In the 19th century, medicine developed anesthetics, which enabled us to operate on the inoperable. In the 20th century, we developed antibiotics, which let us cure the incurable. In the 21st century, we have telecommunications technology, which lets us reach the unreachable.”

Here at MeMD, we believe that telemedicine is part of the natural evolution of healthcare, and our team is incredibly excited about this growing movement. The blog posts in this series will focus on the many benefits you can look forward to sharing as a medical provider with us!

Consult Quality

E-healthcare enables patients to consult with a provider from their home - their comfort zone.
Have you ever been concerned that a patient was concealing part of their medical history from you during an exam? Whether out of embarrassment, discomfort, or intimidation, many patients refrain from disclosing necessary information that could often lead to misinterpretation or even the wrong diagnosis by medical providers.

E-healthcare enables patients to consult with a provider from their home – their comfort zone. Familiar surroundings relax patients, especially the elderly. This, in turn, improves the quality of your consultation with the patient. With MeMD, if your patient can’t recall the name of their medication, they can simply go and get it from their medicine cabinet. They will be willing to ask their more embarrassing questions, and they will be more likely to remember your advice because they can take notes AND look at your notes in their discharge papers.

To give you an idea of how patients are responding to e-healthcare, take MeMD’s net promoter score: in the past 6 months, we have received an average score of 94%. This means that patients are excited and willing to use us again in the future for their healthcare needs. The enhanced consultation quality you provide as a healthcare professional is integral in this score. Our HIPAA compliant virtual care meets the standards of care by enabling you to perform the level of physical examination necessary to make an appropriate diagnosis. Take it from our patients- e-healthcare is here to stay!


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