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The Fitness App Battle Begins with Apple’s HealthKit and Google Fit

healthTelehealthfitnessapps • 3 min read • Jun 17, 2014 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Kat Smith

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Get your phones ready- the next software update from Apple will include something that we are very excited about. It’s called HealthKit, and it offers a way for people to track everything from sleep patterns to food intake. The goal of HealthKit is to combine already existing health and fitness apps on your phone in one place to deliver concise and accurate information.

Here are some of the perks that HealthKit will offer:

+ Emergency Medical Card– containing information like blood type, allergies, and contact information that can be accessed from the phone’s lock screen.

+ Cross communication between apps and people– apps will be able to interact and use data from one another, and information can even be shared directly with a doctor.

+ Tracking fitness goals– you’ll be able to see your progress through time, and even receive feedback to encourage improvement.

As a response, Google announced its own version of this concept called Google Fit. While this is not the first time that Google has ventured into the healthcare marketplace, it will be a direct competitor with HealthKit. Not many details are known about Google Fit, but it is projected to give customers a holistic view of their health, similar to the congregation of apps that HealthKit offers.

The development of health programs by both Apple and Google suggests that people have demonstrated a desire to track and improve their health. These creations also make it possible for patients to connect with medical providers by simply electing to share their information from the apps. Telehealth integrates into these models seamlessly, and will hopefully be included as these health and fitness programs continue to grow (we’re looking at you, Apple and Google!)

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