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Telemedicine Company MeMD Expands Business Hours to Reflect Growth

MeMDgrowthoperationsMeMD NewsPress Release • 2 min read • Mar 4, 2014 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Jessie Koljonen

Telemedicine service provider MeMD has announced that it has expanded its hours of operation nationwide after a successful year of growth.

MeMD, an Arizona-based provider of telehealth services, has announced that it has expanded its business hours of operation after a successful year of increased membership and improved coverage nationwide. The provider of telehealth services has made speaking to a doctor online more accessible, in addition to currently providing 24/7 service in 22 states.

“Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve in this competitive landscape, which means we need to build a delivery model of consistency for access to our service,” says Kevin Wallquist, President of MeMD For Business. “Increasing access to the services in our non-24/7 states will allow us to provide a wider scope of availability for our members.”

Patients are now able to speak to a doctor online using MeMD from 7AM-10PM Monday through Sunday, which extends the current coverage by an additional three hours during the work week, and an additional five hours on weekends. Extending hours of operation in these states will make it easier and more convenient for patients to seek care outside the typical office hours of a doctor’s office or urgent care.

“Telemedicine utilization is expected to explode in 2014,” says Wallquist. “It is a value-added healthcare service for both employers and consumers, and it will be commonplace in the very near future. Just as online banking came about in a wave of progression, telemedicine is soon to become very widespread.”

Expanding business hours is just one of the many factors contributing to the continued success of MeMD. In the past year, the number of groups providing employer-based services through MeMD has more than tripled, the number of states where MeMD is accessible has more than doubled, and the MeMD staff has grown more than 200%.

With new business partnerships, extended hours and a robust provider network, MeMD is projecting its membership and utilization numbers to top its 2013 successes and is on track for exponential growth in 2014. To inquire about MeMD’s Employer Based Telemedicine Solutions, contact Kevin Wallquist at (480) 339-5003 or kwallquist(at)

About MeMD

Leading telehealth service provider MeMD is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. MeMD is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by offering access to affordable, convenient, and secure web-based healthcare. MeMD combines proven telemedicine technologies with business model innovations to improve access to medical providers, reduce healthcare costs, and make the experience of seeing a physician convenient, enjoyable, and affordable – the way it should be. For more information visit

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