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Telehealth Leader MeMD Surpasses Industry Standard for Employer-Based Utilization of Telemedicine

utilizationTelehealthMeMD for BusinessMeMD NewsPress Release • 2 min read • Apr 8, 2014 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Jessie Koljonen

MeMD demonstrates strong first quarter membership-based utilization of its telemedicine service as an employer and health plan benefit.

Arizona-based telehealth leader MeMD announced that it has seen an increase in utilization of its telemedicine services, most notably in the use of employer-based health benefit services. Usage of MeMD’s employer-based telemedicine model was more than double industry standards in the first quarter, with a membership utilization rate of almost 12.5%. MeMD attributes this increase to their engagement and communication strategies, as well as a more automated client on-boarding process first piloted in early 2014.

MeMD’s client on-boarding strategy is focused on building awareness within each organization around the benefit of telemedicine and its ease of use within the company’s health benefit program. Not only has the process become more streamlined and automated for both employers and employees, MeMD assists with further awareness initiatives such as creating personalized collateral for each organization and supporting wellness fairs as well as open enrollment programs for each client.

“I’m really pleased with the new automated on-boarding process. It helps reduce time for implementation, saves employee resources, and increases overall awareness of MeMD as a benefit. In fact, one of our new clients transitioned to MeMD from another telemedicine company because they appreciated the smooth on-boarding and ease of use that we offer,” says Ali Schechner, Project Manager for MeMD.

MeMD maintains employee and member engagement after a medical consultation has taken place by conducting appropriate clinical follow up to ensure that no lapses in clinical care have occurred. This ensures that not only employees, but also family members can enjoy the advantages of MeMD – maximizing the health plan benefits offered by employers.

“We have seen a tremendous increase in our utilization from 2013 to 2014, and I’m confident this is a reflection of our implementation and communication strategies,” adds Schechner. “Employer groups have seen direct savings on their medical plans as urgent care and emergency room use by employees has decreased.”

With nationwide coverage in all 50 states – including the District of Columbia, a new automated and streamlined employer on-boarding process and an increase in membership by over 40% this past quarter, MeMD is emerging as the proven leader in quality telemedicine services for both employers and membership-based organizations. For more information about MeMD’s employer-based telehealth solutions, contact Ali Schechner at 480-339-1121 or aschechner(at)memd(dot)me.

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