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MeMD Telehealth Enhances Wellness Benefits for Office Furniture Company

MeMD NewsPress Release • 1 min read • May 14, 2012 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Kat Smith

Phoenix – MeMD, an online health care provider, recently inked a deal with Goodmans Interior Structures, a leader in workspace solutions, to expand its employee health and wellness program. Now, Goodmans employees have access to on-demand medical care inside their office. Within minutes, employees can instantly consult a primary care physician on a webcam-equipped computer at the office or from home. If needed, MeMD physicians can electronically deliver prescriptions to the nearest pharmacy for easy pick-up.

“We are excited to partner with Goodmans since they are trailblazers in employee benefits and office design,” says Ian Vasquez, MeMD Chief Operating Officer. “Goodmans is a great company with a great culture, and they understand the value of the MeMD service. It not only simplifies employees’ lives, but it also helps the company’s bottom line by saving money in health care expenses over the long term.”

Goodmans focuses on retaining good employees, so they make sure they continue to meet, or exceed, the needs of their staff. The company also recognizes that providing on-demand health care helps improve productivity. If an employee starts to feel sick, they can immediately get treatment and minimize missed time at work.

In addition to on-demand physician consultations, MeMD provides prescription savings cards and employee wellness information on a regular basis to help employees learn about their health and the handy service available at their fingertips. The service can also be used by employees’ families.

“We want the best for our employees, so we strive to provide a comprehensive benefits portfolio,” says Goodmans HR Director, Brian Turner. “MeMD is a natural fit into our organization as there is a good culture of wellness and we are proactive about our employees’ health. We’ve already received positive feedback from employees who’ve used the service.”

MeMD, a telehealth service provider, offers HIPAA-compliant web-based medical consultations to employer groups located in 19 states. Using the Internet to bring providers directly to patients, MeMD reduces medical expenses that would otherwise be spent on avoidable ER, urgent care and primary care physician visits. MeMD can be used as a supplement for insured employees, or as a medical discount benefit to employees with no health insurance coverage. Employers typically see a $400 reduction in annual healthcare costs per employee.

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