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Staying Safe During Your 4th of July Celebration

summerholidayfourth of julysafetyHealth & Wellness • 2 min read • Jul 2, 2014 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Kat Smith

Celebrating America’s birthday from a hospital ER is probably the last thing you want to do this 4th of July, so it’s important to plan ahead for your safety to ensure a great day of festivities without any unexpected injuries. Whether you are hosting the party at home or taking your celebration on the road, here are some key safety tips to keep in mind this Independence Day.

Pace yourself with cocktails

You might enjoy a few libations on the 4th, but you will want to pace yourself to prevent alcohol poisoning—especially if you are drinking under the sun. Break up your alcoholic refreshments with at least one large glass of water between each beer or cocktail to help pace yourself and stay hydrated. You might also enjoy cocktails cut with soda water, light beer, or wine spritzers to keep the alcohol content down on the beverages you enjoy.

Be ready to put out fires

With the grill going and fireworks ready to light, you should be prepared to put out fires. Be sure that your kids do not handle any of the fireworks, and keep a bucket of water or fire extinguisher handy in case any adults fumble while lighting fireworks. Professional fireworks shows may be the safest route to enjoy a spectacle in the sky, but you still might want to pick up some sparklers to enjoy. Just remember to point these away from yourself and others and make sure sparklers are completely burned out before setting them down.

Prepare a grilling game plan

Food safety is often overlooked during big summertime celebrations, so you might do some pre-planning to keep yourself and your cookout guests safe. You can make grilling a little quicker by starting some items off in the microwave, but make sure that you wait until you are ready to transfer food directly to the grill from the microwave so that bacteria has no time to infiltrate partially cooked items. A mini fridge or cooler will also be helpful, since you will want to keep cold foods cold until they are ready to cook or serve.

Hit the road early if you travel

With the 4th falling on a long weekend this year, you might have out-of-town travel plans for the holiday. You will not be alone in your travels, so be sure that you get on the road early to prevent any accidents caused by rushing to your destination. Remember to pack an emergency kit in your car including first aid supplies, bottled water, and tools to make minor repairs in the event of a breakdown or flat tire.

Remember, MeMD makes it easy to see a physician anytime, anywhere, so you can always get the care you need, even on a holiday weekend. For more tips on summer safety and holiday festivities, check out some other posts on the MeMD blog. If you have any helpful strategies for safer summer holidays, be sure to share them in the comments section below!

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