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Simple and Healthy Holiday Recipes

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Simple and Healthy Holiday Recipes
The holidays can be a time of frequent indulgences that may not be friendly for your waistline. If you are trying to prevent holiday weight gain this year, you can stay full and surprise your holiday guests by preparing these healthier options.

Green bean salad

Green bean casserole is a fixture on many holiday tables, but it is high in fat and sodium. A lower calorie solution with just 150 calories per serving is blanched green bean salad finished with low-fat Italian dressing or balsamic vinaigrette. Sundried tomatoes and slivered almonds can add just the right texture to this vibrant, crowd-pleasing dish.

Grilled salmon filets

Instead of traditional meats like turkey, beef, and pork, you might choose salmon as the centerpiece of your meal. A three ounce serving of salmon has only 151 calories served grilled or baked. Salmon is easy to cook in just 20-30 minutes—simply coat it with salt, pepper, fresh dill, and lemon and cook in parchment paper pouches on a baking sheet.

Chocolate-covered brownie bites

You can cut the sugar in your favorite brownie recipe by up to one-third and cut the brownies into bite-sized pieces for a little portion control. Dip the bites into melted bittersweet chocolate and let them cool for the perfect snack-sized dessert. With 38 calories per bite, it is easy to keep your holiday dessert under 100 calories.

Do you have healthy holiday recipes that you love to prepare? Share them with us in the comments below!

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