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Post-Workout Dos and Don’ts

workouttipsfitnesspost-workoutNewsletter • 3 min read • Aug 12, 2015 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Kat Smith


Exercise is essential for good health, but it’s not enough to simply put in your time at the gym. To see real results from your workout, there are a few habits that you should maintain and some others that you might break. Here’s a quick look at some of the critical dos and don’ts that can make your workout much more worthwhile.

Do: Eat a snack


Whether you are working out to bulk up or slim down, you will want to follow your gym sessions with a snack or light meal, depending on the time of day. It can be easy to overestimate how much you should eat, however, so it’s best to have a few staple snacks that you can use to fuel up. Apple slices and almonds or peanut butter and celery sticks are both great snacks with plenty of fiber, fat, and protein to replenish your energy.

Do: Wash your hands


You might not think about how many germs are lingering around the gym, especially if you work out during peak hours when equipment may not be cleaned as frequently. Therefore, you’ll want to give your hands a good wash and avoid touching your face before you have a chance to clean up.

Don’t: Stop moving


A great workout deserves a little time lounging on the couch, right? Actually, it is much better for your body to keep moving to continue burning calories and help your muscles cool down. Before you even leave the gym, be sure to stretch and do some cool-down cardio that will promote more effective post-workout healing.

Don’t: Stay in your workout clothes


You should never go to the gym without a workout bag filled with a change of clothes, since staying in sweaty workout duds will irritate your skin. In fact, you might be much more prone to acne and yeast infections if you have a habit of staying in your workout gear.

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