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Millennials Embracing Mobile Health Technology

Telehealthmobile appsreportwearablesmillennialsapps • 2 min read • Mar 3, 2015 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Brad Ranks


Last month, Salesforce, leading CRM platform company, published a report detailing patient views on telehealth and connected care. With more Americans having health insurance than ever before (11.4 million registered under the Affordable Care Act last year), new technologies have been developed to assist healthcare providers in dealing with growing patient volume. According to the report:


“Technology wields huge potential for improving healthcare. Both healthcare providers and insurance companies have an opportunity to revolutionize health management in meaningful new ways. From wearables that encourage users to take extra steps to mobile apps that share medical records, the future of healthcare is bright.”

1,700 people of all ages were surveyed about their healthcare experiences. Here are some of the main findings from the report:

  • 40% of patients currently receive no preventative care recommendations from their physicians
  • 71% of millennial patients would like to use mobile apps to engage with their provider
  • 74% of millennials want the ability to book appointments online
  • 76% of millennials want access to online reviews from other patients

While a majority of patients still prefer face-to-face consultations with their medical providers, this report suggests that interest in telehealth will continue to rise as more millennials enter the healthcare and career markets. Technology wields huge potential for improving healthcare management and treatment.


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