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MeMD CEO Highlights Business Benefits of Men’s and Women’s Telehealth Solutions

TelehealthMeMDWomen's HealthMen's HealthMeMD NewsIndustry News • 1 min read • Jan 2, 2020 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Kat Smith

While most businesses offer health plans that cover preventive and vital services, they often neglect to provide coverages for critical health segments that employees actually need — and that can directly impact the bottom line. MeMD CEO Bill Goodwin penned an article for the latest issue of In Business magazine, explaining the business advantages of offering men’s and women’s telehealth solutions to their employees.

In the article, Bill discusses how sensitive conditions — such as sexual health issues, skin conditions, hair loss and sexually transmitted diseases — can negatively impact employees’ productivity and employers’ business operations. Because men and women often are too embarrassed to pursue care for these issues, such conditions often go untreated and can cause lower productivity, increased absenteeism and lost business. Companies can help remove barriers to receive care — and improve employees’ wellbeing and productivity — by adding services such as MeMD’s new men’s and women’s health solutions.

The new men’s and women’s solutions add to an already robust slate of telehealth services, from primary and urgent care to teletherapy and telepsychiatry. Read the full article here, and learn more about MeMD’s men’s and women’s telehealth services.

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