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Jumping on the Exercise App Gaming Craze

workoutfitnesstechnologymobile appsapps • 3 min read • Jul 20, 2016 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Kat Smith


It’s official. Pokémon Go is everywhere; no matter which way you look, you are likely to see someone excitedly snatching up another creature, whether you’re at the grocery store, the park, or any major tourist attraction. While the game has caught some criticism from the unusual injuries and accidents that players have gotten themselves into, it has also inspired a vast number of video game lovers to get up and get moving. In an increasingly digital world, it is easier and easier to spend the entire day indoors, barely getting more than 1,000 steps in your day. That leaves plenty of praise to be had for a game that gets people walking outside, even if they are still glued to their smartphone screens while walking the 10,000+ steps recommended for a healthy lifestyle. Still, Pokémon has a fleeting appeal, and it isn’t all that exciting for anyone who didn’t grow up with the tagline “Gotta catch ‘em all.” To find the same benefits of smartphone-motivated exercise without jumping on the Pokémon trend, try out these great apps to help you stay fit.

Zombies, Run!

For those who simply get bored of running with a lack of scenery, Zombies Run! offers a thrilling immersive experience complete with the sounds of a zombie apocalypse. Zombies on the map will inspire you to run faster, with more obstacles and in-app survival tools will appearing as you run further. If running isn’t your thing, the developers of Zombies Run! have also created the Superhero Workout, which tracks your progress through motion detection as you train to defeat evil aliens.

FIT Radio

If music motivates you to move more than zombies then you should check out FIT Radio. They’ve compiled a great range of DJ-created playlists that will make you want to get up off that couch. Each playlist offers a steady beat and tempo, so you can have the right soundtrack for every workout from aerobics to Zumba.


Even more experienced runners and cyclists might benefit from some added motivation and course mapping. If you want a more advanced app to tune to your workout, Strava is it. Unlike other run and ride trackers, Strava offers a wide range of capabilities to keep all your info in one place. Perfect for data junkies, you can see elevation changes, heart rate, calories burned, and, of course, miles traveled. Even better, the app will compile your stats into clean and easy-to-read graphs for optimal tracking of your training.


Geocaching has actually been around for years, but smartphones have helped the activity to become popular on a worldwide scale. With the geocaching app, you can go out and find real treasures that someone else has left behind in protective containers that stand up to the elements. Some treasures are hidden in cities and public parks, while others can require a serious trek that could take you to a beautiful mountaintop, canyon, or forest.

Before beginning any exercise routine, even those you can have fun with, consult a physician to discuss your unique fitness needs. With MeMD, you can talk to a medical provider anytime from your smartphone.

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