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The Tech Touch: Why Integration is Crucial for TPAs

Telehealthsingle sign-onTPAsprivate labelingIndustry News • 2 min read • Oct 15, 2019 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Kevin Wallquist

In today’s 24-hour business environment, efficiency and ease are everything. This is especially true for TPAs and their management of clients’ healthcare programs. These companies handle a multitude of details to ensure the seamless administration of employee benefits plans. For TPAs, integrating an outside service provider (like a telehealth company) can be an arduous and time-consuming task – especially if that vendor adds a new pile of administrative to-do’s.

Providers like MeMD can make the job a whole lot easier by focusing on these four things:

1. Centralized billing:

The best telehealth providers specialize in healthcare AND technology. The right partner will be able to customize their billing process to map directly into the TPA. This includes submitting invoices and collecting fees, tracking payments against employees’ high-deductible health plans, managing visit fees once members have hit their deductible, and providing clear and simple reporting back to the TPA. With this level of integration, the telehealth program feels as though it’s built right into the health plan and not a disparate outside service.

2. Single sign-on:

Another important consideration for TPAs and employers alike is a single sign-on model that provides a seamless patient/member journey. Every health plan is different – and so is every sign-on process. A good telehealth provider will integrate right into the plan’s website or app, allowing members to access telehealth services without requiring a separate logon or password. Equally important, the provider should build in the group’s eligibility and dashboard APIs. This creates a seamless patient journey without creating a time suck for TPAs.

3. Private labeling:

For some TPAs, the ability to private-label telehealth services is critical. A good provider offers the option to customize its platform to the company brand. Employees of XYZ Company who request telehealth services will click through to an XYZ Company-branded portal. From the outside, it will appear that the telehealth portal is just another part of the website, but MeMD will manage the visit and associated administrative tasks on the backend.

4. Added value:

Incorporating multiple outside vendors into a single health plan could create an administrative nightmare for TPAs. A telehealth company that offers comprehensive services will simplify administration while also arming TPAs with a bigger product suite to offer employer groups. MeMD’s virtual care solutions – including teletherapy, telepsychiatry, teen therapy, men’s and women’s health, and urgent care services – can be bundled together and implemented seamlessly. It’s one patient journey and one process for claims, all from a company that’s well-known for building and adapting telehealth programs to fit clients’ needs and technology systems – as opposed to providing a boxed solution.

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