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How to Have a Healthy Super Bowl Sunday

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Every year the NFL’s championship game, the Super Bowl, is one of the most watched sporting events worldwide; and, with the big game just around the corner millions of football fans are once again gearing up for a super Sunday filled with football, food, friends, family and fun! But, it’s important to remember to make your Super Bowl party a healthy event for everyone to enjoy. Ensure your Super Bowl party guests enjoy themselves while staying healthy and safe with these tips.

Super Snacks


Of course every great Super Bowl party starts with great food and drink, right? According to the Washington Post, Americans consume more calories on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year – a whopping average of 6,000 calories! So, since we’re likely to snack for an extended period as the big game and associated entertainment unfolds, its smart to have some healthier snack options. You can never go wrong with fresh fruit and veggie trays, and instead of that bag of greasy potato chips select a baked tortilla chip with a high fiber base. A high fiber chip will better satisfy your hunger and make it less tempting to keep reaching for more empty carbohydrates. Plus they go great with Guacamole – a yummy way to include healthy fats into your snacking – just remember that half of an avocado equals one serving size.

And, while it’s less fun than snacking, it’s just as important to remember not to leave certain perishable foods out at room temperature for extended periods. This is crucial to prevent food borne illness that can turn any party into a nightmare.

Super Drinks


In addition to chicken wings and potato chips, Americans will consume 325.5 MILLION gallons of beer on Super Bowl Sunday. A good way to prevent becoming too intoxicated is to pace yourself. One way to do this is by alternating between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages – so, be sure to provide plenty of water and other non-alcoholic drink options for your guests. Alcohol affects everyone differently based on numerous factors including the quantity of alcohol consumed, your weight, gender and age – so even one drink can be enough to impair safe driving. Plan to have a designated driver or service available to help get guests home safely.

Super Activities


While much of Super Bowl Sunday will involve everyone cramming around the television to watch all of the festivities, organizing some group activities before or after the big game can help your guests work off all those calories from snacking. How about a friendly game of flag football? Or, a rousing game of horseshoes or bocce ball? Maybe charades? Be sure not to over do it physically though – know your own health limits with regard to physical exertion. If your health doesn’t permit you to be as active, something as simple as getting up off the couch, stretching and moving around frequently during commercials and the game can help burn off additional calories.

No matter who you are rooting for, remember that MeMD’s team of board-certified providers is on your side and available to help with your healthcare needs 24/7.

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