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How to Get Back on Your Feet After a Sports Injury

sportsfitnessinjuryrecoveryteamHealth & Wellness • 2 min read • Sep 3, 2014 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Kat Smith

With the NFL season kickoff this week, you might feel inspired to hone your own athletic skills to burn some of the calories packed into your favorite game day snacks. Whether you are an experienced athlete or you are just starting out in an amateur adult league, you will have a risk for sports injuries, which can be a devastating blow before a big game. If you do sustain an injury of any kind, you will want to follow these steps to get back on your feet without immediately suffering a secondary injury.

Seek medical attention

The hard-hitting tackles seen in the NFL warrant extensive medical staff for each team, but small time athletes and weekend warriors should have medical support for their injuries too. Even if you have knowledge of sports injuries and first aid, you will want to have injuries evaluated so that you are caring for them properly. Because so many different injuries have a number of symptoms in common, you might misdiagnose an injury and wind up with bigger problems down the road.

Don’t rush it

Any fantasy football enthusiast knows the frustration of having a key player sidelined in the first weeks of the season, because injured players may have to spend several weeks on the bench recovering. This has actually been an area of serious contention, as players and team managers often want to see a rapid return to the field, but coming back to play too soon can potentially destroy a season—not to mention the longevity of the player himself. You should take cues from sidelined NFL players and sit out games until you are fully recovered and ready to come back.

Work on flexibility

As you recover, it is essential to avoid losing your strength by using low-impact exercise to stay active. You might also focus your training on increased flexibility, which will reduce your chances of re-injury. By working to increase your range of motion, you will be strengthening your muscles to take more pressure off your joints.

Let your teammates offer support

Once you do get back to regular practices and games, don’t hesitate to look to your teammates for support while easing back into the sport. You may not be at 100% for the first few weeks, but your teammates should be willing to put more effort in to compensate.

Have you suffered a recent sports injury? Share your recovery story in the comments below, and rely on MeMD for convenient medical consultations from the comfort of home to help you recover.

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