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How to Eat Like an Olympian

dietOlympicssuperfoodsNewsletterHealth & Wellness • 1 min read • Jul 13, 2016 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Kat Smith


It’s no secret that Olympic athletes train hard, dedicating seemingly endless hours to perfecting their physical form. What you might not think about is the rigorous fueling routine athletes must follow to stay well-nourished through all those training sessions. Junk food and skipped meals are off-limits, but frequent snacks and a high-caloric intake are essential. Keep reading for a look at the tips you need to eat like an Olympian to propel your active summer routine.

Bulk up on superfoods

Depending on his or her preferred sport, an Olympic athlete might eat upwards of 4,000 calories per day, and none of these are empty calories. Some of the favorite foods of Olympic athletes include salmon, oatmeal, tomatoes, dark chocolate, nuts, artichokes, and quinoa. Each of these superfoods is packed with nutrients, making them ideal choices for training fuel.

Create a daily routine

The constant travel and busy schedule of an athlete makes a dietary routine essential. Skipping breakfast is not an option before a long gym session, so it’s important to have staple foods readily available to fit in a quick meal when necessary. By sticking to a routine, it is also easier to avoid cravings and ensure optimally balanced nutrition.

Constantly hydrate

Thirsty is not a word in any Olympian’s vocabulary. Hydration is essential for a peak performance, which is why eating like an Olympic athlete means drinking lots of water and electrolyte-rich options to replenish nutrients lost during a race or practice. Steering clear of dehydrating beverages like coffee and alcohol is also part of any strong athlete’s routine.

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