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How Does Your Birth Month Influence Your Health?

summerwinterhealthbirthdayHealth & Wellness • 3 min read • Jun 18, 2015 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Kat Smith

Some people put great stock into the idea that the month in which they were born has a significant influence on their personalities. While these theories may not hold much water, there is some importance in your birth month when it comes to your health. Being born during a certain time of year can dramatically increase your likelihood of having specific medical conditions – or having built-in protection from those conditions. The idea of birth month-reliant risk factors has been circulating for some time, but the research is not always taken seriously because of its likeness to pseudoscientific astrology. Keep reading for a closer look at how your birthday might influence your health.

Healthiest and least healthy birth months

Individuals born in October and November tend to have the highest rate of birthday-dependent health risks, while those born in February and March have more protection against a handful of diseases—including cardiovascular disorders, respiratory diseases, and neurological conditions. There are many possible reasons for these trends, most of which are still being researched. In the case of respiratory diseases, however, there is a link between a higher rate of asthma in babies born in late summer, since their a mothers’ have a greater risk of catching a cold or flu during pregnancy.

Dr. Nick Tatonetti, Columbia University Medical Center
Dr. Nick Tatonetti, Columbia University Medical Center

Disease-specific trends

There are about 55 different diseases known to have risks influenced by birth months. Knowing your risk based on your birthday is helpful, though the best strategy of defense for each of these diseases is still proper medical care and healthy lifestyle choices.

• Cardiovascular disease – Atrial fibrillation, angina, and hypertension all have increased prevalence in individuals born in the winter and spring months.

• Respiratory disease – September, October, and November are the months with the highest risk for respiratory diseases. More specifically, September babies tend to experience more cases of asthma, and November is a higher-risk month for acute bronchitis.

• Reproductive disease – Those who are born in November and December can have an increased likelihood of reproductive disorders, whereas being born in the month of July can provide extra protection from these conditions.

• Behavioral disorders – Even mental and behavioral disorders may be affected by the time of year an individual is born. In the case of ADHD, fall babies tend to have a higher risk with November being the month with the strongest correlation.

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