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Healthy Vacation Destinations

vacationsummertravelNewsletterHealth & Wellness • 4 min read • Jul 16, 2014 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Kat Smith


For most of us, summer vacation is a complete diet-buster that is almost guaranteed to pack on the pounds. If you’re looking to take a break from your traditional vacation routine that includes lots of lounging, snacking, and happy hours, you might give one of these healthier vacation spots a go as this year’s summer destination.

The Pacific Northwest

In cities like Portland and Seattle, you will be encouraged to ditch the car and travel by foot or bike on trails that wind through these vibrant metropolitan areas. Plus, surrounded by beautiful lakes, forests, and coastlines you will likely be drawn outdoors to find comfort in the restorative scenery of nature. In both cities you can find fresh and light dining options that showcase the more delicious side of local, healthy eating.

The Wild Southwest

It may be a little too hot to travel to the desert landscape of southern Arizona, but the northern reaches of the state can be a great place to unwind in a resort setting or find family-friendly fun. Aside from the Grand Canyon, you can find adventure in the charming small towns of Prescott and Flagstaff while enjoying the red rocks of Sedona, which welcomes hikers and rock climbers throughout the summer. Southern Utah also has tons of great hiking and adventure sports to offer, but temperatures can still be high in July and August in areas of lower elevation.

Surf-friendly Atlantic beaches

If you dwell on the East Coast and you are looking for a nearby vacation destination, you might find yourself at home in the warm waters along the Atlantic coast. Many beaches along the eastern shoreline are among the top surfing destinations in the nation, so you can enjoy the water while staying active. Just 30 minutes of surfing burns about 200 calories, making it a perfect way to spend your days off this summer.

America’s National Parks


Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota

With 58 national parks spanning the country, you can find majestic beauty without traveling too far from your doorstep. Sometimes just what you need in a vacation is a retreat where you can unplug and reconnect with nature. For this type of vacation, you might choose a national park that is somewhat off the beaten path so that you do not have to battle big crowds at the campground or lodge.

Are you ready for a healthier summer vacation this year? If you’re planning a vacation that supports your fitness and active lifestyle, share your travel stories in the comments section below!

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