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Farmers’ Market Grocery Guide

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When it comes to grocery shopping, many consumers’ habits are changing, which is why farmers’ markets have seen a recent revival all around the country. Whether you live in a small town or a big city, it is likely that there is a farmers’ market in your area, and it may be one of the best places you can shop for fresh foods. However, shopping at a farmers’ market is not always the kindest habit for your budget, so it is helpful to know which foods to buy and what questions to ask when you talk to vendors.

Stock up on seasonal produce and grass-fed meat

Supermarket produce may be priced more favorably than what you see at the farmers’ market, but it cannot compare in terms of flavor. Farm-fresh produce from the farmers’ market will offer the purest and most vibrant flavors in everything from summer peaches to springtime asparagus to fall mushrooms. Meat is another great find at the farmers’ market, because you can learn exactly where it came from and enjoy optimal nutrition. Grass-fed beef in particular is not only healthier in terms of its fat content, but it offers a more distinctive flavor and has a lower impact on the environment than its corn- and grain-fed counterparts.

Ask where your food came from

If you ask a grocery store team member where your food came from, you will probably get a vague and unsatisfying answer. At the farmers’ market, you can talk to the people who grow and raise your food, which will help you to know exactly how and where it is produced, eliminating your concerns about what types of insecticides were used in the growing process or how far your food traveled to reach your plate.

Get tips on washing and preparing your groceries

Along with valuable information on how your food was sourced, vendors at the farmers’ market can tell you how to best enjoy your food. From washing produce to grilling that grass-fed burger, you can learn the best ways to get the most flavor and nutrition out of every meal made with farm-fresh ingredients. As an added bonus, these tips can help you better handle food that you do pick up from the grocery store or supermarket as well.

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