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E-Healthcare: Supply Meets Demand

Emergency DepartmentTelehealthPatient Demand • 2 min read • Nov 12, 2013 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Brad Ranks

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“I was sitting in my bed, instead of the waiting room filled with sick people…the doctor was amazing, kind and attentive to my needs!”
– Darina, Arizona

Some people say telehealth will be the wave of the future, but here at MeMD, we can attest firsthand that it is here NOW. Studies show more than 400,000 consumers used online medical services last year, and that number will undoubtedly continue to grow as word spreads about this innovative, cost-efficient form of healthcare.

E-Healthcare: Supply Meets Demand
400,000 consumers used online medical services last year.

Telemedicine providers are integral in helping patients avoid hassles like 4-hour Emergency Department wait times and expensive medical bills. One of the reasons our CEO, Dr. John Shufeldt, started MeMD was because he noticed patients coming into the ED with conditions that could easily be treated online. Take a look at his video for insight into the growth of our company.

Patients overuse Emergency Departments because their primary care physicians are usually unavailable after normal business hours. As a result, many of these after-hour visits end up taking place for nonemergency health issues. E-healthcare relieves that burden by taking care of low-acuity ailments, making your consultations short (average time 12-15 minutes) and hassle-free. Many people also procrastinate when it comes time to make an in-person appointment, but their habits may change when it becomes as simple as logging on to their computer. A chance to sit down and talk with a medical professional, receive top-quality advice, and even get a prescription, is just what the doctor ordered.


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