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Az Business Calls on MeMD to Share Benefits of Telehealth for Older Workers

healthcare costsemployee benefitsTelehealthMeMDMeMD NewsPress Release • 1 min read • Jul 26, 2019 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Kat Smith

As healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, businesses are increasingly concerned with keeping healthcare spending in check. Telehealth has emerged as a key option to control costs while delivering high quality care, even for older workers that have historically had lower utilization rates. That notion, however, is changing. Az Business tapped MeMD’s VP of Marketing, Elie Goodman, to break down the benefits of telehealth for workforces with multi-generations.

Elie says employers should think twice before assuming older workers won’t accept new technologies. In fact, they’re embracing telehealth: Elie notes that in MeMD’s internal analysis, 20% of telehealth visits came from employees 50 years and older. He also reminds employers to offer ongoing education about healthcare options throughout the year to encourage utilization of telehealth as a low-cost alternative to in-person care.

Learn more about MeMD’s telehealth services for employers, and read the full article.

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