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4 Ways to Improve Your Community’s Health

healthvolunteertechnologycommunityHealth & Wellness • 2 min read • Apr 7, 2016 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Kat Smith


This week is National Public Health Week, making it the perfect time to start thinking not only about your personal health, but the health of your local community as well. Currently, National Public Health Week is focused on creating the healthiest nation through safer community design, increased high school graduation rates, and social justice initiatives to provide safe housing and plentiful healthy food options to everyone. While these are big goals, they are achievable when every member of the community plays a role. By working to strengthen the health of yourself and those around you, you can create a brighter future of health for future generations, who face the threats of obesity, climate change, and limited healthcare resources.

Take Advantage of Healthcare Technologies

Technology has become so integrated into daily life that it is hard to notice how much you might rely on it. In the world of healthcare, technology can have substantial benefits with readily available educational resources, apps, and greater accessibility when it comes to seeing a physician. One of the most effective ways to integrate technology into your healthcare routine is to take advantage of services like telehealth, which can allow you to stay home when you are sick and in need of medical care—thereby preventing the spread of illnesses to friends and coworkers while getting better yourself.

Volunteer Locally

Not only can volunteering help you give back to the community by helping individuals in need gain access to food, healthcare, shelter, or education, but it can actually boost your own health as well. Those who volunteer tend to be happier and have lower mortality rates. Think you don’t have time to volunteer? Think again—studies have shown that people who volunteer their time tend to perceive themselves as “time affluent” individuals, similar to the trend of feeling wealthier after donating to charity.

Use Gadgets to Get Healthier

The spirit of competition can be a great motivator when it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes. Gadgets like fitness watches and step trackers have made it easier than ever to compete with friends and neighbors when trying to get active, lose weight, or reach other fitness goals.

Join (or Start) a Community Garden

Having nutritious food options available is a key in maintaining strong public health. One particularly fun initiative that can ensure healthy food for everyone is a community garden, in which volunteers of all ages can grow healthy fruits and veggies. In addition to getting exercise through gardening and learning to grow their own food, children who take part in community gardening will have the unique benefit of establishing lifelong healthy eating habits. When kids take part in food production, they are usually much less hesitant to try out new fruits and veggies at dinnertime.

Building good health is an ongoing process, and MeMD is there to help you in every stage. Explore more of our blog for some healthcare tips, or create an account with us so you can connect with a physician 24/7.

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