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4 Common Signs You’re Making Progress in Therapy

mental healthTelebehavioral Healththerapyteletherapybehavioral health • 2 min read • Mar 23, 2023 3:11:03 PM • Written by: Kat Smith

Tending to your mental health is different than treating a physical illness. The treatment process is complex and may not always be linear. For example, you may actually feel more symptoms before you notice an improvement because you are digging into difficult emotional territory to heal old wounds. Even as you begin to experience the benefits of therapy, it may not always be easy to measure your progress or see how far you’ve come. The following signs are good indicators that therapy is working for you and that you are making progress in your sessions.

You’re thinking differently

A common reason for attending therapy is to address negative or intrusive thoughts. If you find yourself embracing the present moment more often instead of ruminating on the past or worrying about the future, this represents a positive shift in your thinking. Additionally, you may find yourself setting more realistic goals and being kinder to yourself.

You’re in a better mood more often

You may not always feel cheery or in a good mood, but you may find yourself feeling in a generally positive mood as you progress in therapy. Therapy can help you better control and regulate your emotions so that you are more able to cope with unavoidable stressors in your life—and take proactive steps to avoid stressful situations when you can.

Your relationships have improved

Another key skill you might develop in therapy is improved communication, which can help you maintain stronger relationships in every aspect of your life. You may notice that you are better able to advocate for your needs when dealing with others and resolve conflicts more effectively.

You’ve developed positive habits

As therapy helps you change your way of thinking, it can also impact your behaviors. You might find yourself setting more healthy boundaries, building more positive self-care habits, and appreciating yourself more often.

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