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2019 Fitness Trends

workoutfitnesstrendsbarreNewsletter • 1 min read • Jan 16, 2019 12:00:00 AM • Written by: Kat Smith

2019 is an interesting year for fitness trends, because it is trendy just to be fit. There’s a growing pattern of inclusion and accessibility in popular exercise activities, meaning that it’s the time for anyone and everyone to participate—not just those who are Instagram famous for putting in their time at HIIT classes. Let’s take a closer look at how your workout might change in 2019 with the year’s incoming trends.

Mobile-connected personal fitness tech

Wearable fitness tech isn’t new, but it’s only becoming more popular and advanced in 2019. Mobile-integrated personal fitness technology will continue to grow throughout the year and it’s not just the wearable tech that will see changes. Gyms are offering more services through apps – to book classes, pay for memberships, or pencil in time with a personal trainer.

Barre for all

In 2019, fitness isn’t about just going to the gym. It’s about attending guided fitness classes like Barre and Yoga and Pilates. However, these classes have often been designated to a specific section of the population: Middle-aged women. This year, don’t be surprised if Barre classes and others start booking up with more diverse crowds, as more people recognize the fitness benefits of these workouts.

Exercise as medicine

The American College of Sports Medicine has launched an initiative called Exercise Is Medicine, which highlights that exercise should be as much a part of your healthcare as visiting the doctor or eating a healthy, balanced diet. As such, it’s becoming more common to see fitness classes geared toward older adults and easier access to affordable personal training.

2019 is the year of fitness for everyone, so there’s no excuse not to get moving. Of course, it is a smart idea to check in with a doctor before you dive in. MeMD can make it easy to see a medical provider on your schedule with online visits at a low, flat rate.

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